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YASHAYURVED – E-Journal of Holistic Health

Peer reviewed | Quarterly Journal | Open Access (Online ISSN – 2583-5742) 

  • Dear Readers,
    On the occasion of 7 reminder day of our great motivator Inspirator Late Hon. Pradeep Patil (Baba) our Institute is going to publish YASHAYURVED Quarterly e-journal; which On this historical day I remember our founder president great leader Late Hon. Yashwant Eknath Patil (Dada) Ex- MLA, Late Hon. Pradeep Patil (Baba) and tribute to I congratulate to our young dynamic Secretary Hon. Dr. Jayant Patil (Saheb), President Hon. Smt. Padmaja Patil (Vahini), Trustee Hon. Ar. Mrs. Vinita Patil (Madam), Hon. Secretary Hon. Mr. V. D. Patil (Daji) for their continuous support and efforts to achieve new goals I also congratulate to Dr. Laxmi M. Narhare Managing Editor, Dr. S. P. Wagh Executive Editor, Other expert editors, Advisory board members, Associate & Assistant editors and other supporting members for their dedicated efforts to enter in an e-journal Publication sector. I hope this journal propagates and enrich knowledge regarding health and research in Ayurveda.
    I give all the best wishes to this e-journal and I hope it will set a benchmark in health and Ayurved e-journal field with best regards.

    Prof. Dr. M. M. Godbole
    Editor in Chief Yashayurved
    Dean Yashwant Ayurvedic College Kodoli

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